I got a left and a right making me easy as cake to date , one mother one father making it ez for you to fall in love with me women. –

Son Nguyen



a only child should always stay sober

Be rare

All only child out there stay rare, the only way to stay rare is by staying sober. Get rid of all the peer pressure once and for all. -Son Nguyen

Ssk mind

A Ssk mind to control nothing but healthy relationships in your life. They trying to mess with your groove it won’t happen because You see them clearly with your x-Ray vision. -Son Nguyen

Never was fortunate like you

Didn’t see the “perfection” in an only child because he grew up making many mistakes so you act like your too kool/grown for him eh? Now after many years of thinking and a lot older, you will never deserve an only child’s presence fortunate women. -Son Nguyen

Stay “too kool”

Here’s a tip for all the only child out there, be a master of the art of being “too kool”. You deserve to be a master of that art. -Son Nguyen

3 weeks

3 more weeks until I get my drivers license back.