Be rare

All only child out there stay rare, the only way to stay rare is by staying sober. Get rid of all the peer pressure once and for all. -Son Nguyen

Ssk mind

A Ssk mind to control nothing but healthy relationships in your life. They trying to mess with your groove it won’t happen because You see them clearly with your x-Ray vision. -Son Nguyen

Never was fortunate like you

Didn’t see the “perfection” in an only child because he grew up making many mistakes so you act like your too kool/grown for him eh? Now after many years of thinking and a lot older, you will never deserve an only child’s presence fortunate women. -Son Nguyen

Stay “too kool”

Here’s a tip for all the only child out there, be a master of the art of being “too kool”. You deserve to be a master of that art. -Son Nguyen

3 weeks

3 more weeks until I get my drivers license back.