People would actually die just to have nice quality things. And there are people out in this universe that would reverse that by doing all they can to make you ugly. -Son Nguyen

“The art of not letting somebody be alone.”-Son nguyen

I would die for my fucking privacy, so get the fuck out of my business, Lame ass bitches.

Competition from birth

Staying sober it’s the only way an only child is to WIN over the competition, your many, many, MANY peers with siblings. I hope for all the only child in this life to stay winning. -Son Nguyen

Shy only child

Sorry baby if I’m shy on my first date with you, it might be because I’m an only child. I ain’t “badass” like your other dates because they got their “badass” siblings. But hey I’ll try to be adventurous with us. -Son Nguyen

Next month

Getting my driver license back next month! My life was on pause now it’s about time to resume my life back to normal. I know they going to hate that when I’m cruising again. Nobody will ever get in my head again.. I recognize threats with the quickness, do not approach me. -Son Nguyen

No license Car Mechanics

No license car mechanics: You have the power to either try to fix a persons car problem or Hurt somebody emotionally and physically Real Real bad. A “car mechanic” always have two options. -Son Nguyen