The plan

Give him no English support… Embarrass him no wonder it was so difficult for him to date and have any good relationship. All part of their plan though. -Son Nguyen


I got ideas and you got “unity”, trust me you should feel all special and great. -Son Nguyen

They’re Eager for power and control

No one can use “language” to have power and control over my life no more. I’m paying close attention to these people. I never ever want to be close to any of them. -Son Nguyen


Another day of 8 hours of work… When I move out of this place, I will make sure the next house I’m living in the whole entire house they all got an education and speaks fluent English. No exceptions, enough foreign educated shit/pride in my life. All my life I lived in this country and I will make sure the people I live with has the same pride as me. -Son Nguyen


They,them did that out of anger & hate. I lost all my respect for those kinds of people and people like you will never have no permission to communicate with me. Fucken foreign little kid did that to hurt my feelings and put “emotional Abuse” in my life. It’s funny how a mothers plan and ideas got me into cases and trouble with the law. I learned to never ever “clash” again. Register a $500 junk car for you as my contract to live in your house? You really are pathetic. Never knew how a foreign person is and you see the ugly side of them when your living with them and when you want to move out and on with your life because they’re soo rude and annoying and talks shit about “American” people he holds on to that car just like a contract. -Son Nguyen


We are two opposite people.. you grew up with English in the household and I grew up with no English in the household. -Son Nguyen

English speakers

I’m an English speaking person. I’m a ugly, terrible, and weird person when surrounded by “people” who don’t speak English. I know that and I do not want to be judged when I’m around “people” who don’t speak or understand English. So it’s my job, responsibility, and duty to avoid this situation at all cost. -Son Nguyen

12 they them

12 foreigners “they them” I will never dare to communicate or bother to reveal myself to. -Son Nguyen


All the homegirls I use to know, never realized how intimidating they really are. -Son Nguyen