Vulnerable humans

Alcohol was making my life very vulnerable.. good thing I recognized this problem before it damages my future or even kills me. -Son Nguyen


When I see signs of anyone or anybody trying to “talk over” me. I will cut you off instantly that goes to family or friends. I ain’t playing around. Ain’t nobody controlling my life and definitely no alcohol controlling my future. -Son Nguyen

Annoying creep

When I see signs of any annoying creep when I’m out and about, I’m going to break their face. -Son Nguyen


It’s fun and entertaining huh? To surround a person with the total opposite of education until he loses it and gets caught up… some people are soo full of themselves, they just got no idea what they contributed to, the sacrifices I had to go through. The frustration, anger, and hate I will NEVER forget. -Son Nguyen


Getting my driver license back in July.. finally.

50 judges

That night there was three, They had a plan to experiment on your life. That’s one of the worst thing you can do to a human being.


When they’re multiple threats in your life but your too blind to see. When everybody think they’re the “right” person, doing the right thing. Recognize these threats and cut them off immediately. -Son Nguyen


My favorite picture is… two people who is bilingual that can speak fluent English and their “home” language, having a conversation and working together. -Son Nguyen