A persons toxic ugly mouth can hurt you dramatically long term when they talk down on you while holding to a junk car registered to you. Holding onto a car “registered” to you is the same as controlling a persons way of life. I made a huge mistake in the past living with the wrong type of people and that effected me my whole entire life. -Son Nguyen


Just opened a Chuze membership, back to working out and definitely need to get back in a lot better shape! 😎


Taking a break from Poker, got a job interview this coming Monday I really hope I get this job.


Don’t ever try to “fit in”. -Son Nguyen

3rd place/115 players

Won third place in a progessive bounty tournament out of 115 players today. It was pretty fun and intense. 👍

With 4 players left I went all In with JQ (only had 7200 chips left and the other guy had like 225,000 chips) against Pocket KK and hit a queen on the flop and another one on the turn, giving me Full house! https://play.globalpoker.com/hand/5ff0074905c1d20001ced2d2

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If you show them you ain’t an alcoholic drinker it’s good/positive for yourself and your own circle around you (the people your close to). Think about it. -Son Nguyen